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GriPSSI's podcast

May 1, 2020


Dr. Kelly N. Wood, MD is an internal medicine physician, board certified in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. She earned her medical degree from The University of the West Indies in Barbados before relocating to the United States in 2006. Licensed in three states, Dr. Kelly is currently in clinical practice in Atlanta, Georgia. Beyond the stethoscope, Dr. Kelly is recognized as “The Bounce Back Coach,” helping high-performing women to bounce back from failed relationships, rebuild their self-esteem, and reclaim their identity. Her debut book, “Bounce Back to Better: Recovering from the Disappointment of a Failed Relationship,” walks readers through her personal journey of reconstructing her life after her engagement ended.
Through a multi-dimensional platform that addresses the mind, body, and spirit, Dr. Kelly lives out her passion to help others achieve total wellness and lead a balanced life. She makes expert health and wellness advice accessible to all through speaking engagements, media appearances, her Facebook show, and personal blog. Dr. Kelly maintains connection with professional organizations such as the Endocrine Society and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. She also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration from West Connecticut State University.
In this episode, Dr. Kelly joins the podcast to share her knowledge and experience as a well traveled medical professional. 
  • How she survived a tough program to become the professional she is today.
  • How marriage and relationships impacted her career.
  • Strategies used to invest in herself and growth as a business woman.
Dr. Kelly got a chance to give us some insight on her journey as the The Bounce Back Coach. Today’s episode will even cover infertility and religious views on the issues that women are facing. You’re going to live this episode because Dr. Kelly six vulnerable and honest about her current state and the failures she’s experienced.
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