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GriPSSI's podcast

Sep 17, 2019

On this episode of GriPSSI, Dr. Cindy welcomes Dr. Yvette McQueen to the show!


Dr. McQueen is a global physician on a mission to educate about health, travel wellness, and disease prevention. As an Emergency Medicine Physician and Travel Doctor, she works across all of the United States of America and Caribbean, combining her love for healing and traveling. Dr. McQueen also serves as a travel group physician ensuring healthy and safe travel of clients before and during an international trip. She is known for public speaking, blogging, consulting, wilderness emergency care training, and teaching internationally for the American Heart Association.  


In this episode, you’ll hear Dr. McQueen talk about how she overcame struggles to get her medical degree, why she loves traveling, and some helpful tips that you can use while abroad!



  • How did Dr. McQueen get her start?
  • The travel bug.
  • Dropping out after first year of medical school.
  • From set-back to reset.
  • The power of family support and her faith.
  • Asking for help. “Humble myself and make them teach me.”
  • How did Dr. McQueen get into emergency medicine?
  • The trial and error of figuring out the business of the medical industry and finding your best fit.
  • “A happy doctor is a productive doctor.”
  • Research is the key to successful travel.
  • Med Queen Sea and Med Cruise: a cruise and lecture series!
  • Medical Missions to Africa.
  • McQueen’s Top 3 Travel and Safety Tips!
  • Essential emergency tips for travel!


Key Takeaway: We are meant to face difficulties in our lives. They teach us meaningful lessons and create a stronger version of ourselves; making us unstoppable.








Yvette McQueen