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GriPSSI's podcast

May 26, 2020

Onika Henry is a trained educator, facilitator, counsellor, theatre artist and life skills tutor, with university qualifications in Theatre Arts, Psychology and Human Sexuality. Trained both locally and abroad, Onika uses her combination of specialties for the benefit of her clients and students, in an environment that is healthy, fun, productive, and most of all, safe and non-judgemental. 
She is a regular contributing writer for the Newsday Newspapers (nationally as well as the Tobago Newsday), the co-founder of a top-performing arts company in Tobago as well as a trainer of sexual health facilitators. She volunteers at a few NGOs, including Tobago’s only halfway home for ex-prisoners and deportees. As a strong proponent of Theatre forDevelopment (TfD) and Applied Arts, she actively uses the arts as a tool for social and behavior change.
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